Why Do We Only Sell Vaporesso?

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*Disclaimer: We’re not sponsored by Vaporesso we just wanted to explain why we only sell their products, and this is only our opinion.

With vaping steadily becoming more prominent on the Gold Coast and Australia, we wanted to negate a few things we found frustrating when starting our vaping journey.

One of those things was Vaporiser Selection.

What brand do I buy? Was the question that plagued our minds as we landed on page after page of intimidating Vape brands.

Smok, Eleaf, Vaporesso, Innokin, Aramax, VooPoo, Lost Vape, FreeMax, Geek Vape, Veco, Aspire, Tesla, the list goes on.

Not to mention other questions like: What’s a Coil? What’s a Mod? What’s a Tank? What’s a Starter kit? Do I have to replace my coils? How do I do that? What does adjusting wattage do? What rechargeable batteries do I buy? Some Vapes don’t need rechargeable batteries? What’s the difference? What the f*ck do ohms do? Arrrghhhhh *rips hair out*

Well at VapeApe we take your stress away, meet Vaporesso. We choose to only stock Vaporesso to avoid choice overload and because we’ve found them to be a cut above the rest.

So Why Choose Vaporesso?

Reason Numero Uno (1). F*cking Excellent Customer Service.

Sub-Numero Uno (1.a) Why Should You Care?

If you’re buying something expensive that’s supposed to last a long time (TV, Fridge, Vaporiser, etc), purchasing a product/service that contracts you (phone plan) or purchasing multiple products over time (Vape Juice, subscription box), you should do a little bit of customer service research.

Why? Because if something goes wrong which inevitably things do, you’re going to want to know that you’re in good hands. You want a company who actually cares about you as a customer and treats you fairly and reasonably. Otherwise, if something does happen, you end up frustrated, angry and have a poor experience.

In Australia, you’re covered by the ACL (Australian Consumer Law). In instances where there is a hardware issue, you’ll typically contact us first and we’ll diagnose the issue before contacting the manufacturer. For more information please go to our Warranty & Returns page.

So Back to F*cking Excellent Customer Service.

At VapeApe we don’t value customer service. We Live Customer Service.

Above. All. Else.

Jaeger and I have worked in the industry for over 25 years combined. It permeates our business.
It’s why we same day deliver, it’s why we’re on the frontlines, it’s why we have a customer service vetting process for everyone we bring on. Our model exists around customer service.

So naturally, when we had to decide what brand we could trust to treat our customers the same way, Vaporesso was the obvious choice.

So What’s Good About Their Customer Service?

Three basic things.

  1. They’re typically fast to respond. Who hates waiting. Me, You, Everyone. Waiting sucks. Waiting for your problem to be fixed? Even suckier. Vaporesso has been fast in all instances we’ve dealt with them.
  2. They’re polite. You’d think this would be present in all customer service but it’s definitely not. You feel like they genuinely care about your issues, and do everything they can to help you out.
  3. They’re reasonable. Period. There are instances where extenuating circumstances apply, or extraordinary events occur but once the situation has been explained they’re usually extremely fair.

You might be sitting there thinking, “These reasons are super basic, why does that put them above other companies?”

Well, you’re correct, these are three very basic values but we think they execute them extremely well across the board which is why we sell their products.

Reason Numero Dos (2). They Sell A Good Quality Product.

*small disclaimer once more – we’re not sponsored by Vaporesso.

We’re just not here to mess you around.

We’re not going to recommend or sell a product that we personally haven’t used ourselves. We just wanted to ensure that the first Vape our customers purchased from us could potentially be the last Vape they purchased.

With Vaporesso that’s possible.

Obviously, you have to take care of your Vape and there’s a level of personal responsibility that goes into the longevity of a Vaping device but overall if you keep your Vaporesso in good shape, it’ll last you a very long while.

So What Makes Vaporesso Devices Good Quality Products?

They’re sturdy, reliable, user-friendly, taste-great (straight out of box) and don’t look like sh*t.

To elaborate a bit further.

  • Vaporesso Mods (body of device) are quite sturdy due to their high-quality stainless steel build. We have dropped many a mod with hardly a scratch.
  • Glass is glass is glass. Vape tanks are what they are and they can break if they’re dropped directly onto reasonably hard surfaces but Vaporesso provides great tanks in all sizes.
  • The Starter Kits all come with either a replacement glass, replacement coil or both which is fantastic – especially for new Vapers.
  • They’re all super easy-to-use. Even the more advanced Starter kits i.e. Revenger X and Luxe S, have touchscreens to ensure ease-of-use.
  • They taste fantastic out of the box. Flavour chasing has become somewhat of a niche art form that provides a very deep rabbit hole if you want to dive in. For those who just want their Vape to taste great out-of-box, Vaporesso coils are the best we’ve tried.
  • They don’t look like garbage. The build quality is high, the branding is premium, and the result is a good looking, high performing product.

Reason Numero Tres. (3) One Brand = Expert In That Brand. Even More Customer Service.

It all comes back to the service. We wanted to offer our customers more than just a shop where you buy Vapes, E-liquid and the like. We wanted to be able to give thoughtful recommendations, help fix common issues, and give our customers a better overall experience that extends past just purchasing a product.

The choice to only sell one brand of Vaporiser allows us to focus on just that. One Brand of Vaporiser. We stock Vaporesso Vapes that we’ve personally used, become familiar with, troubleshooted issues with, tried new things with, and are overall experts in. We know these Vapes inside and out so if our customers ask us questions like the difference between a GT Coil and a Ccell coil, what coils give better flavour, what the optimum temperature for longer-lasting coils are, what to do if your mod stops working, etc, etc, we can give them the help that they need.

We’re focused on being experts on the products we sell so our customers know if they have a question or a problem – we’re the best place to go.

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